Sunday, October 2, 2011

To Tour or To Be? That is the question.

Is there a middle ground? Rick asks me "are we going to be tourists or are we going to just be in Italy?" And I said "Yes!"...But I probably need to be realistic.

Having never been to Europe, I know I will be fascinated by the historical sites and stories...yet I am as easily fascinated by the history of a small family farm as I am about the Colosseum.

Rick and I have discovered an organic Italian red wine called Fabula...that we love love love! Checking out its origin, we found Montebelli...and were thrilled to find there is history, lovely accommodations and only 20 minutes from the sea! Searching accommodation availabilities for next are no! I think I will need to call them to confirm that they are indeed sold out.

A friend of mine suggests that we work with a travel agent who is familiar with know, that is probably a really good idea...does anyone have a recommendation?

I love James Martin's Wandering Italy blog...he recently posted a link to an Italian Food Network...and I am so inspired...we are having this wonderful dish for dinner tonight...if it turns out well, I'll post pictures!

An update on the "Learning the Language" post...CDs have yet to arrive!

Ciao for now!

P.S. Here are pictures of our Lasagna was really good, rich and a bit too salty. When I make it again...I'll cut the Pancetta in half.

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  1. I don't know a whole heap about Italy, but... from my brief excursion in Spain I would have to say there is a middle ground between tourism and "being." I got to see museums and old buildings but I also got to take the metro on my own and sit in the Sangria caves. Split it up. Give yourself half and half or whatever split works for you. The first half of the trip is relaxing and just "being" the second half is the run around crazy tourist game. Or swap it. I would think you guys could surely fit both in especially if you are working with 2 weeks.