Saturday, November 12, 2011

Roam Roma!

Assolutamente!  My favorite Italian word I've learned so far...It is so musical and I have to bring my fingers together on my right hand as if a puppet to say it completely.  Assolutamente!  Certainly!

Assolutamente!  Rome will be an important part of our Italian trip itinerary.  I think three days.  We will spend the first day seeing the Roman Forum.
We will see Palatine Hill and the Roman Colisseum.

The Colosseum, sometimes spelled "Coliseum", was built between 70 and 82 AD in the heart of Rome. It was called the Amphitheatrum Flavium or Flavian Amphitheater because it was built by the the Flavian emperors, Vespasian and Titus. Some say is was able to hold 87,000 spectators, but more likely it was around 50,000, still monumental for the time.

Palatine Hill is one of the seven hills in Rome and probably the most famous. This is where the rich and famous ancient Romans used to live. Emperor Augustus was born on Palatine Hill and lived there all his life. Cicero- the great orator lived there as well as Marcus Antonius (Marc Antony). Later emperors Tiberius, Caligula and Domitian built palaces there. Most of the ruins that we see today are from the Domitian’s palace.

Accommodation choices are that looks very nice is the Daphne Hotel.  It's a B&B close to a train station.  I've also read recommendations about the convenience of tour buses; you buy a 2 or 3 day pass and you can hop on and off at different sites. 
Will add day 2 and 3 on upcoming blogs.  As always, your feedback and comments are greatly appeciated!   Assolutamente!

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