Sunday, February 12, 2012

Vision the same - time frame changes

Thanks to everyone who is supporting my vision of traveling to Italy.  We are going to have another year to explore the vision and the journey to get there.  A few nights ago over dinner, Rick and I determined that this May/June was approaching quickly and that we weren't ready for our trip yet.  I'm still studying the language, and I want to be in better physical shape for the Earthwatch part of the trip as well as the walking and bicycling parts of the trip.

Another consideration in moving the trip has been my mother's ill health.  My January post told of my mom's health challenges.  She continues to be in the hospital as I post today.  I am so grateful I had the opportunity to spend time with her for a few days in January and I appreciate everyone's prayers and healing thoughts on her behalf. 

My bucket list trip to Italy will be sometime in 2013 (probably May/June).  Between now and then, I will continue to study Italian, exercise and post frequently about all of the magnificent things I am learning and intend to experience once there. 


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  1. Luv da Baybee.. We can take more time to refine our Italian wine explorations and pratica cucina italiana with Fabiola at Mario's.