Sunday, March 18, 2012

Cloudy Vision


Since we postponed our trip to Italy until next year, my vision became cloudy.  I have not been as compelled to listen to and practice my Italian language CDs, read other Italian blogs, or watch Italian food networks.

This morning, though, I opened and re-read my blog posts and some others that I have links to on my website. 
Love this one from Rebecca...Gnocchi Guruand I am inspired.

Does anyone know of a visual learning tool for learning Italian?  A book or flash cards?  Please post and let me know.  

Ciao!  Kathryn

p.s.  Family update - my mom is doing better today...she has been in the hospital or rehab all but 7 days since the middle of December.  I am grateful for the prayers and well wishes on her behalf. 


  1. Your vision remains unclouded. The distance remains the same. Considering the 3500 years of Italian history as but one day - and our change in plans is but a second in time.

    ti amo